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What is LoveLoud?
LoveLoud is a three day mission trip to our community. The vision of LoveLoud is to model Jesus Christ as we serve our community. We anticipate that over 3000 people will serve on over 100 different projects specifically developed to help our community. We desire to serve the single mom, the widow, the orphan and the impoverished.

When is LoveLoud?
LoveLoud is Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 25, 26 and 27. The days and times of each project will vary. Your project manager and/or Sunday School delegate will provide this information.

Are there projects with opportunities of service for everyone?
We have worked very hard to ensure that the leaders of every project plan appropriately to ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for everyone who signs up.

Are there opportunities for ladies to serve on LoveLoud projects?
Again, we have worked very hard training the project leaders to plan diligently to ensure that the projects that they lead will have opportunities for all…including ladies. If you feel that the project that your class has embraced may have insufficient opportunity for all you can 1.) help the project manager and/or LoveLoud delegate with the project planning to add more opportunities of all; or 2.) sign up on September 30th for a specific project that might suit your gifts and talents and desires more appropriately.

When can I sign up for a specific LoveLoud project?
You will be able to sign up for specific LoveLoud projects beginning Sunday, September 30th. You only need to do this if you are planning on serving on a project that your Sunday School class is not partnering with. If you plan to serve with your Sunday School class then sign up in Sunday School and not on line.

When can I sign up for a LoveLoud project?
You will be able to sign up for specific LoveLoud projects online beginning Sunday, September 30th. Go here.

What if I cannot serve all three days of LoveLoud?
Perfectly ok. We understand. Just let us know when you can serve.

How do I donate funds to a specific LoveLoud project?
We welcome financial donations to LoveLoud. We also allow donations to be made to specific projects. Contact Robin Gerardi in Craig Ormsby’s office at Robin.Gerardi@fbcw.net or by phone at 678-494-2798 for assistance. You can also donate on line by clicking on ‘Donate” on the LoveLoud webpage.

How do I donate goods and services to LoveLoud?
We welcome the donation of goods and services to LoveLoud. In fact we need them! Contact Robin Gerardi in Craig Ormsby’s office at Robin.Gerardi@fbcw.net or at 678-494-2798.

How do I get a LoveLoud T-shirt?
We have very exciting news about the 2012 LoveLoud T-shirts. The artwork has been custom designed by the homeless whom we serve through our LoveLoud Church on the Street Ministry. Artwork is being submitted by several of our homeless friends and we will be selecting the one very soon. Shirts will be available for purchase on Sundays beginning Sunday, September 30th. Shirts will be available for purchase in our lobbies after each service. A portion of the proceeds from LoveLoud t-shirt sales will go back into our ministry to the homeless.

Can children participate in LoveLoud?
Yes, on most projects, children can participate. Please check with your Project Manager and/or Sunday School delegate. If children are not able to participate in the project on which you are serving we do offer childcare on Saturday, October 27th. Beginning September 30th, you can register your children for childcare online as you register to serve.

Will there be opportunities for our children to serve?
We encourage families to serve together. On most projects children are welcomed. We will provide childcare on the Saturday of LoveLoud should the project on which you are serving be inappropriate for child participation.

Will there be opportunity for our High School and Middle School students to serve during LoveLoud? Yes, Rick and Matt are working to develop projects for our youth. Contact our student ministry for more information. We also encourage our students to serve with their parents.

What is the LoveLoud Food Drive?
During LoveLoud over 2000 boxes of food will be delivered to those in need throughout our community. The LoveLoud Food Drive, which takes place in October, will be your opportunity to donate food and dollars to provide food to those in need. Food boxes and food lists will be available Sunday, September 30th.

How do I sign up for a LoveLoud project?
Click here and follow the simple instructions. (Note: Sign-up will not be available before September 18th.)

I am serving with my Sunday School class, should I sign up online?
No! If you are serving with your Sunday School class you need to sign up for that project in class. Only those not serving with their class and those not in Sunday School should sign up online.

What if I have additional questions about LoveLoud?
Contact the office of Craig Ormsby at 678-494-2637 or at craig.ormsby@fbcw.net.